Nothing Else Matters

This past summer I was privileged to witness the birth of my second grandson. It was so amazing to see him…his eyes wide open as he entered the world for the first time! I was speechless seeing little Sebastien come out so perfect and beautiful. I can’t help but think that in the womb he was full and perfect too! In the next few days, as I held him so close to me, I was made so keenly aware of the absolute dependence, vulnerability, and fragility of this beautiful soul! Nothing else in the world mattered as I held him…nothing was more important than the care and safety of this precious little soul!

I ask you to take a moment and think of your own newborn baby…your newborn brother, sister, niece or nephew…your grandchild…even great grandchild, or any baby for that matter…look at them…see how tiny and fragile they are…spend time in your mind with them…

I am also a mother of a baby born with multiple heart defects…

I ask you, parents, relatives, or friends of a baby born with any kind of birth defect, to remember when you first saw that baby…maybe held that baby…maybe prayed for that baby…even begged God for that baby…

For me, absolutely NOTHING mattered in this world except finding a doctor that was able to save my baby, a doctor that could help him to stay with me under any condition…I would have gone anywhere, paid anything…done anything…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MATTERED but the life of my baby!

Today I am reminded of someone who said to me: “If you only knew he was going to be born with these heart defects you could have had an abortion.”

Today we are faced with an election where if one candidate wins, together with Planned Parenthood and the Supreme Court, it would be legal to have an abortion all the way to the full ninth months AND, if that baby is born with any kind of birth defect, it would be legal to kill that little soul!

I come to you today to beg you…Please help me save these defenseless, vulnerable, fragile little babies…please vote for life! NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!