Are You Living in Murky Water?

I recently attended a day of reflection at the Ignatius House Retreat Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The theme was Friends of Jesus and we were reflecting on St Ignatius and his friends and how they ultimately founded the, now known, Jesuits.

After one of the presentations, it was time for reflection so I walked around the property and found a pretty fountain which I immediately was drawn to. There were lily pads and slates of rock where the fountain water fell so gently upon them. I sat on the edge in preparation for my contemplation…my thoughts were interrupted as I stared at the water: “What murky water…so dark and yucky…why can’t they clean it…after all the lily pads and fountain with the sound of trickling water are so beautiful!”

I kept trying to refocus on my contemplation with no success…I kept going back to that murky water! As I sat there with my judgmental thoughts I spotted a tiny goldfish! I sat up in amazement…when then I saw, what seemed like a portal, open up in the water! There I was able to see a whole school of shining goldfish!

To my surprise the Lord spoke directly to my heart: “These goldfish have each other …they are comfy…cozy…have enough food to eat and are safe…I am caring for them…My eye is upon them.”

It was then that I saw myself: I was in some murky water: I was deeply troubled…afraid…stressed. I heard deep in my soul that the Good Lord’s eye is upon me…I am safe and cared for and I have many friends in Jesus that are with me through this!

How’s that for contemplation!

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